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Greetings all, I hope the beginning of Spring finds all of you well! I am very excited to announce, after much searching, we have found a place to combine all of the Asian Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan under one roof. As of 4/5/16 we will be located at; 5850 Russell Drive, Suite 2, Lincoln,… Read More

Who We Are

We are an Acupuncture Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska using Asian Medicine techniques to bring health to all who come in the doors. We believe it is everyone’s right to achieve the state of health they desire and we will work with you to get the quality of life you deserve. We do this through using… Read More

“Joe has incredible sensitivity and care. Each individual is treated with special attention. Joe does not seek to imitate others in naming the most obvious analysis, rather he takes an all-inclusive approach by using his keen intuition and rich knowledge of Chinese Medicine and healing arts. Many Westerners have learned Acupuncture, but few can be… Read More

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