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Spring Changes!

Greetings all, I hope the beginning of Spring finds all of you well! I am very excited to announce, after much searching, we have found a place to combine all of the Asian Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan under one roof. As of 4/5/16 we will be located at; 5850 Russell Drive, Suite 2, Lincoln,… Read More

Tai Chi Chuan Changes

Greetings all, As of 9/1/15 Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan class will NOT be held at its 56th and Old Cheney location any longer. For the time being our locations and times are as follows; Wednesday nights; 6-7pm Holmes Lake Park South Shore near observatory (Weather Permitting)-Beginner’s Class (Ba Fa, 38 Form) Saturdays; Sho Rei… Read More


Skill is defined as; the ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice,aptitude, etc., to do something well: Dedication is defined as; the state of being dedicated,  Dedicated is defined as; to devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose   It is important to remember; Dedication can lead to a high level of skill. However, skill, no matter how high, does not necessarily lead to Dedication. Something to think about.

No Class

Greetings all, As a reminder I will be down in Houston, TX training with Cheng Sifu from 5/16-5/24. So we will NOT be having classes on; Saturday 5/16, Wednesday 5/20, Saturday 5/23 Normal classes resume on Wednesday 5/27. Take care all and practice hard!

No Class Wednesday 4/29

Greetings all, We will NOT be having class this Wednesday (4/29) sorry for the late notice normal classes will resume in full Saturday 5/2.

Warrior Lecture Series

Greetings all, Beginning on 4/25 we will be starting our Warrior Lecture Series. This will be a 6 part series, 1 Saturday every month, where we will be showing Movies that are geared towards the idea of a Warrior Archetype. Before the movie we will be doing a group potluck and after the movie will… Read More

Saturday 3/14/15

Saturday 3/14/15 we will be holding Tai Chi Chuan class at Holmes Lake on the South Shore due to having wonderful weather! See you all there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings all, We are planning on running ALL classes as usual for this Holiday weekend. Enjoy time with your Family, Enjoy some Tai Chi Chuan also!

San Shi Ba (三十八)38 Form List

San Shi Ba (三十八)38 Form List Yu Bei Shi – Preparing Form Jin Gang Dao Dui – Indra Pounds with Tilt Hammer Lan Zha Yi – Lazy About Grasping Robe Liu Feng Si Bi – Six Sealing and Four Closing Dan Bian – Single Whip Jin Gang Dao Dui – Indra Pounds with Tilt Hammer… Read More