Spring Changes!

Greetings all,

I hope the beginning of Spring finds all of you well!

I am very excited to announce, after much searching, we have found a place to combine all of the Asian Medicine and Tai Chi Chuan under one roof. As of 4/5/16 we will be located at;

5850 Russell Drive, Suite 2, Lincoln, NE 68507

It is a large 4000 square foot warehouse with a beautiful office suite. The ceilings in the warehouse are high enough for us to practice all of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan’s Weapons and hold large classes. To our knowledge this is possibly one of the largest Facilities dedicated to Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan in Lincoln. This large space also allows us to go in with Lincoln’s Chinese Lion Dance Group, Jing Mo Tong.

I am deeply appreciative of Family Practice Specialists and the wonderful group over at Dr. Weiss’s office. For the last 4 years we have worked together and they were influential in helping me share Asian Medicine with Nebraska. I will miss them all greatly.

Since I will no longer be with Family Practice Specialists, I will be the one handling all of the future scheduling. I ask all of you for your help in this new transition. If you can please start scheduling your appointments online (right hand side of the page). I understand if you cannot please call me directly at 402 417 4602 and I will schedule you.

I ask you all for your patience in this new Transition.

We are very excited as it is now time for us to go out on our own so we can continue to grow and share Chinese Culture, Arts and Medicine with the Community as a whole.

This new space will allow us to offer more Tai Chi Chuan Classes, Private Classes, training sessions for senior students, weapons training and more. This will also allow many of you to see Jing Mo Tong in action and receive additional exposure to the Tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing.

So, here is to the Future of WBTR and thank you to all of you who have supported us, continue to support us and will support us in the future.

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