“Joe has incredible sensitivity and care. Each individual is treated with special attention. Joe does not seek to imitate others in naming the most obvious analysis, rather he takes an all-inclusive approach by using his keen intuition and rich knowledge of Chinese Medicine and healing arts. Many Westerners have learned Acupuncture, but few can be called healers. Joe is a healer; he knows that to touch others he must fill his own cup first, and let it overflow into the lives of those he guides toward true health of being.”

– Brea

“It is rare to find someone versed in Classical Chinese Medicine I am grateful to have Joe practicing in NE, we are very fortunate.”


“I really appreciate all that you do for me.”

– Sharlene H.

“I have been going to Joe Wollen for over a year now, and am really appreciating Acupuncture as a support to health and wellness. The process is painless and I always leave feeling both empowered with more understanding of my physical body, and practical ways to move towards and maintain better health. I really like “no drugs” involved.”

– Terri S.

“Joe diagnosed a potentially serious health problem months before the western medical community came to the same conclusion.”

“I had seen at least 5 acupuncturists before finding Joe.  Not only is he the most  knowledgable but the level of personal attention at each visit is remarkable!”

– Margaret

“Being treated by Joe was a relief after seeing a string of doctors who could not help me feel well, but just offered me more prescription drugs and surgery. It is amazing what a conversation and a few good nights sleep can do for your life. Joe helped me find wellness.”

– Joselyn

“Joe started treatment by communicating his absolute belief that I could feel better, have less pain, and be healthier.  After receiving treatment, I quickly came to believe it as well. ”

“Being treated with Joe’s skill and wisdom is an amazing gift to my wellbeing.”

“I have been receiving treatments with Joe Wollen for 6 months, and every treatment has offered relief to whatever imbalance I was working with at the time. What I especially appreciate about Joe is his vast knowledge of the medicine and his ability to apply so many different techniques. He is a true healer, with the ability to see and understand ailments on a deep level, which enables him to heal at a deep level as well. It is obvious that Traditional Chinese Medicine is not just a job for Joe, but a way of being and living. I am grateful for the healing and insight that he has offered to me.”

– Marie H.