Warrior Lecture Series

Greetings all,

Beginning on 4/25 we will be starting our Warrior Lecture Series. This will be a 6 part series, 1 Saturday every month, where we will be showing Movies that are geared towards the idea of a Warrior Archetype. Before the movie we will be doing a group potluck and after the movie will be discussion and lecture about the Movie and Warrior ideals.

This is something I am excited to be able to present to you all because I believe in Modern times the Warrior Archetype has many negative connotations associated with it. Many also seem to think that because we train in the Martial Arts we are aggressive. As we know, nothing is further from the truth and we will demonstrate this through this series. We will be discussing; Internal vs. External Warriors, Negative Warriors vs. Positive Warriors, the difference between Brawlers, Warriors, Warlords, Redemption of Warriors and Martial Arts Ethics.

The first Movie that we will be showing is: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I hope you all can join us and even if you aren’t interested in the Lecture and discussion afterwards please join us for Flicks, Food and Friends. All are welcome for the potluck (friends, family members etc) and movie as well as the discussion.

Hope to see you there!


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