We Recommend…

We would like to introduce to Lincoln, Nebraska:

Nebraska Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Development Center

Location: 5850 Russell Drive Suite 2, Lincoln, NE 68507 (402) 417-4602


Wednesdays Yang Taiji led by Karyn Snow 5pm-6pm

Wednesdays Chen Taiji led by Joe 6pm-7pm

Saturdays: 9am-10am FREE community Qigong, 10am-11am Yang Taiji led by Karyn Snow, 11am-1pm Nei Jia classes.

To follow Additional Class information, Training Schedule, Wu De (Martial Virtues) etc., follow us on Facebook at Nebraska Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Development Center.

WBTR Recommends:

Rivers Pointe Spa:

A spa located in Majestic Estes Park, CO these ladies know how to treat you to a day of relaxation, detoxification and peace. I personally received an invigorating and wonderful ‘Rain Drop Technique’ Massage from Brooke herself and was so relaxed coming down the mountain I pondered just staying in Estes Park. The Spa itself is located just off the beautiful Riverwalk, the Spa itself is beautifully maintained and makes you feel pampered the moment you walk in the door. As I entered I encountered the smiling faces of Melissa, Lindsey and Brooke, welcoming me with open arms. Long story short, if you are looking to heal from the detoxification programs and massage, relax in the sauna, or pamper yourself on a trip to the mountains, or want to heal with Chinese Medicine. River Pointe Spa is definitely a gem of Estes Park not to be missed! www.riverspointespa.com

Meditation/Martial Arts/Spiritual Arts:

Of all the places I have found in Colorado there are only two places I highly recommend:

Tien Tao Meditations & Wutang Martial Arts:

The first is Master Craig Carpenter of Tien Tao Meditations & Wu Tang Martial Arts. I have personally trained with Master Carpenter for the last 4 years in everything from Shen Tao Tai Chi Chuan to Native American Shamanism. With 30+ years of practice in the Martial & Spiritual Arts Master Carpenter has a wealth of Physical, Healing & Spiritual knowledge. Master Carpenter’s seminars will make you think in profound new ways and heal & help you in a multitude of others. Master Carpenter is a kind teacher willing to teach to you as an individual, he may not always give you what you ‘want’ but he gives you what you ‘need’! This is a rare quality for many teachers and I have personally cherished his insight, wisdom and kindness. I have personally been through many of his seminars and each offers a new and unique experience. If you are seeking to change your life physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually contact Master Carpenter today! www.forspirit.com

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan:

Sifu Cheng Jin Cai is located in Houston, TX and is Joe’s present Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Teacher. Sifu Cheng is very generous and kind with his time and his willingness to share what he knows about Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. Joe presently travels to Houston a few times a year to train with Sifu Cheng Jin Cai. Additional information can be found here: www.chenstyletaichi.com

Wu Dang Tao:

I first met Master Tseng (Mr. Chen) in July 2006 after he and his students put in many tireless hours in bringing the first Taoist Summit to Boulder, Colorado. There I got the chance to talk with Master Tseng and many of his students. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many kind and genuine people, many of them I still carry a friendship with to this day! Master Tseng has a unique ability of making some complex Taoist thoughts and ideas very understandable. For anyone interested in authentic Taoist teachings and practices I strongly urge you to seek out Master Tseng in Fort Collins, Colorado. www.wudangtao.com


At Water by the River we understand that we may not be available for everyone. So we recommend these Acupuncturists that may be in your area and able to serve you. All of these Acupuncturists are Licensed Acupuncturists with NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Below is a list of amazing Asian Medicine practitioners whom I have either worked with personally, or been treated by, but I have learned from all of them.

Maria Baraybar Lee L.Ac.

Maria was my partner and fellow student of the late Ron “Doc” Rosen and is located at one of Water by the River’s locations at 1529 York St. She specializes in Pain management, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Gynecological issues and Bio-meridian testing. A compassionate & knowledgeable healer with a gentle needling method she is highly recommended, I have learned from her and received treatments personally. Maria Baraybar Lee LAc 1529 York St. Suite 200 Denver, CO 80206 (720) 275-1205

Aloha Wellness Clinic (Boulder, CO):

Jeffery Dann L.Ac. Ph.D. I have known Jeffery Dann for a relatively short time, but he is one of the most Senior Practitioners of Asian Medicine in the State of Colorado, so his reputation has proceeded him. Now that I have had the opportunity to meet, work and observe with Jeffery Dann I can say it is a reputation well deserved. Jeffery Dann specializes in treating muscular and orthopedic problems. Jennika Wildau L.Ac. Another “sister” student of the late Ron “Doc” Rosen, Jennika specializes in pain management, mental-emotional disorders & adolescent care. I have known Jennika personally for 3+ years now and I have personally seen her drive to help others and continue to learn Asian Medicine. She works out of Aloha Wellness Clinic in Boulder Colorado with Jeffery Dann and Hasan Kozan. Hasan Kozan L.Ac. Rounding out the trio at Aloha Wellness Clinic is Hasan Kozan, like Jeffery Dann, I have only known Hasan for a short time. However, Hasan is always in a joking and light hearted mood and enjoys what he does. He always brings fun to the office and all of his patients love him. Aloha Wellness Clinic 3400 Table Mesa Drive Boulder, CO 80305 303 499-9395 www.alohawellnessboulder.com If you are looking for a fantastic place to heal in Boulder, look no further than Aloha Wellness Clinic.

Ambrosia Acupuncture:

I have known Julianne Ambrosia for many years now and she is a fellow student from our graduating class of CSTCM (Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Throughout school I witnessed Julianne’s drive to learn Chinese Medicine and saw how hard she worked to get through the Master’s Program. She always strived to learn more and developed a deep passion for Herbal therapy and Nutrition. So great is Julianne’s knowledge of Herbs & Nutrition, that I often consult and refer patients to her who prefer herbal use. A great practitioner working out of the Denver Tech Center, I highly recommend Julianne to anyone in that area. Ambrosia Acupuncture 5650 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite 135 Greenwood Village, CO 80111 (720) 276-7999 www.ambrosiaacupuncture.com